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Half Day hiking/ Full Day hiking/ Night Safari

Jungle Tour 

     Jungle in Khao Sok is one of perfect forest. It's rainforest. 

  • Half Day hiking

Hiking at Khao Sok jungle with local guides who know about jungle very well. You will deserve knowledges about jungle from him. There are many secrets in Jungle. You will see wildlifes and varite of plants such as monkeys, birds, snakes, squirrel and secial plants that you never see in your country. That 's cool, right? Moreover, There are beautiful waterfalls.You can swim and relax at there. Let's cheak it out.

  • Full Day hiking

Enjoy with Khaosok jungle all day. Start with getting information about jungle from your expert guide who take care you all the trip. While you walk in the jungle, you will see wildlifes and varite of plants such as monkeys, birds, snakes, squirrel and secial plants. you will close with natural along the way. Speacialy, you will cook and eat among the forest like camping, local food, After lunch relax at waterfall. 

  • Night Safari

How's Khaosok Jungle at night. You will find the answer in the trip. Excited with Night Jungle. On the way, you will see wildlifes and varite of plants at night. you have to walk quietly and look for wildlife in the dark.


Note: Our guides are expert about jungle. they will give informations and take care you on the trip.



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