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Elephant Bathing/ Trekking

Elephant is the symbol in Thailand. They are gentle giant, kindness, and clever. Although they’re some of the biggest animals on earth, elephants are actually herbivores. They like to eat fruits, bananas, watermelon. There are currently about 3-4,000 elephants in Thailand. Once impregnated, females carry for 20 to 22 months before giving birth, and usually have only one baby elephant at a time, though it is possible to have more. Newborn calfs enter the world already weighing around 200 lbs. and 3 feet tall. If you travel in Thailand, don’t miss to see them.

Elephant Bathing

Spend time with gentle gaints. That good experience to take care them closely. You will bath Elephants and see them at their most playful-watch out for splashing. If you love Elephant, Don't miss! 

Elephant Trekking 






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